The summer sun has been relentless this year, with temperatures breaching the 50-degree mark in several parts of northern India. We are witnessing an unprecedented rise in heat waves across the country, and with monsoons still some time away, you can expect a few more weeks of summer heat. So, how to keep cool while we are waiting for the rains to come?

Here we are sharing 5 tips for keeping yourself cool and healthy during the scorching Indian summer.

Eat Light, Eat Healthy

Hot weather makes us lose our appetite as eating large amounts of heavy foods gives rise to body heat, making us uncomfortable. So, eat smaller, lighter meals and make sure that you include lots of water and watery foods in your diet. Oranges, watermelon, tomatoes and fresh veggies are ideal for summertime consumption.

Get Good Quality Eyewear

Protecting your eyes is also a part of staying healthy. The summer sun is projecting more UV radiation in the atmosphere, hence protecting your eyes is very important. Buy eyewear that is rated for 99% UV protection and is possibly polarized.

Buy an Air Cooler

Frequent shifts between hot and cold temperatures can also impact your health. Air coolers provide a balanced cooling in comparison to air conditioners, thus making the transitions easier. Also, air coolers are good for the environment as well – which is partly a solution for the rising global heat levels – as they consume less energy and use a natural method for cooling the air.

Stay Indoors

Prolonged exposure to the heatwaves can have a severe impact on your health. Restrict your outdoor activities between 11:00 am to 5:00 pm to minimize heat exposure. Also, when going out, wear lighter fabrics, cover your face and use an umbrella or hat to avoid the heat.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Alcoholic beverages dehydrate your body, and the one thing you need the most to beat the summer heat is water. So, limit your alcohol intake during peak summers and switch to fruity coolers and other cold drinks for partying.

We are confident that these measures and precautions will help you avoid the weather woes, keeping you healthy and cool during the summer. Follow our blogs for smart home and healthy living tips.

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